Brugglyn Blue - Press Kit

This is a collection of bits and pieces for promoters to put on your websites or posters.

Band name
Brugglyn Blue

Band members
Werner Ammann - guitar
Matt Graf - drums
Warwick Richard - bass and vocals

Short band description

Brugglyn Blue are a no-holds-barred Blues Rock power trio that make no compromises with their authentic early 70's old school sound.
Loud, raw, tonal, passionate, Werner Ammann's guitar playing can fill the room with his unique flair for the right lick at the right time.
The solid rhythm section with Matt Graf on drums and Warwick Richard on bass adds the right amount of punch to the overall sound that brings the songs to life.
This is a band that you feel, as well as hear.
Their diverse repertoire consists of blues classics and many songs from the great guitar legends from the 60s to the 90s - Rory Gallagher, Jimmy Hendrix, Roy Buchanan, Gary Moore et al.

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