Debut concert in River's a success

... well - from our point of view - what do you expect us to write here ?

Thanks everyone for coming and for the great support. We could really feel (and see and hear) the vibe from "the crowd", it was great to see that all that hard work hit a nerve somehow. We really felt that the whole room was on the same wavelength.

Thanks to Hanspeter, Daniela and Evi for looking after us. The room was perfect for this type of concert, close to town, right size, great service at the bar --- what more do you need ?

Djamal's impromptu solo came as somewhat of a surprise for us, hope he does that again. We haven't worked out the details yet but it looks like Warwick owes the others at least 3 rounds for various screw ups. We're sincerely sorry if you heard them too. Please don't expert Werner to play behind his head and jump around at every gig - that's reserved for when you people get into it (which you did).

Thanks again - it was really great playing music for you.

We're back in River's again on the 5th February 2011.