21 Nov 2014
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Our last concert for this year will be in the newly re-opened Storchen Bar - Nautilus in Schoenenwerd on Saturday, 29. November, starting at around 9 PM. This is a similar venue to the (now sadly closed) Gleis 13 in Lucerne. A PA, drumkit and various bass / guitar amplifiers are installed permanently on the stage. A "plug and play" gig.

This is our last appearance for 10 weeks, we will not be playing anywhere in December or January as Warwick will be overseas.

Highlights from 2014 were the legendary Rock im Jost concert - which we hope to repeat next year, the short but great appearance in the Albani Bar and our last ever gig in River's Pub in July. Thanks to everyone who came to one or more concerts this year, please come to see us off in Schoenenwerd on the 29th ...

First scheduled concert for 2015 is in the Falcone, Wiedlikon ZH on the 22nd February.