June News

08 Jun 2014
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Poster 02.07.2014

We are still here, still rehearsing, still waiting patiently for the skys to open and rain gigs on us.

The vibe is defininately still there, the last few rehearsals have been inspiring, maybe we need to get out and see that we're not as good as we think we are.

We are playing with the Revivals in River's pub, Brugg on Wednesday 02. July. This is the "Zapfenstreich" in Brugg, there's a lot else going on in town on this evening so worth a visit to our humble hamlet. For example, Jaycee will be appearing just up the road from us in the Schuelthess - Allee.

Don't miss it - especially the first song - Don't Go To Strangers - A J.J. Cale song that Clapton covered to open his show at the AVO session in Basel last year.