Planned concert in Langstars Zurich cancelled

17 Jan 2014
Erstellt von warwick

The concert in Langstars Zurich, planned for Thursday 23. January has been cancelled.

After carefully reading the performance conditions and discussions with the venue we have decided that it is not worth the risk.

Langstars have had plenty of trouble with the local police about noise emissions in the past and apparently are on their last warning. Once they made it clear to us that the performing volume is a serious issue for them, we decided not to go through with the concert.

The decision was on our part entirely, they were well prepared to let us perform but in view of our past history and their serious predicament it is better that we don't do the concert.

We regret missing this excellent chance to play in the true heart of Zurich, but will consider it again once we get a handle on our playing volume.