New booking agent !

01 Dec 2012
Posted by admin

We are getting some much needed support in the administration department of the band.
Rita Blatter will be helping us from now on, with the search for new gigs, mail writing, telephone and when necessary, checking out the venues in person.

We have been ignoring this (necessary evil) part of the band business for too long. End result has been that we have only played gigs when someone directly asked us to !

This is going to change.

We are starting a gig-getting offensive, especially concentrating on some open air appearances in the coming summer. Rita has already landed us a big one in May.

Rita is exactly the right type of person we have been looking for as our booking agent - affable, comfortable, reliable and communicative. We are very thankful to have found someone of her caliber for this very unthankful but important task.

Her coordinates are now published on the contact page.

Thanks a lot Rita,
go get 'em !