Live CD - 52 Minutes - out now

30 Nov 2012
Posted by warwick
52 Minutes - CD label

It took a while, but we've finally released a CD with the concert in River's Pub from 3. December last year.

The CD captures our live sound perfectly and

exceeded our expectations by a long shot. We can humbly admit that we're more than a little proud of the work. No overdubs or digital corrections, Brugglyn Blue warts and all so to speak. The 52 minutes contain a good selection of our material from the last 2 years. The CD's title has something to do with the postcode from Brugg, someone's birth year, someone else's age and the fact that the 13 tracks run for 52 minutes - which is over 40% more than what you used to get on a vinyl record. We even had to leave some gems off the official release. These will be available over the next few months on our myspace site and on goear.

The CD is available now in Müller & Spring, River's Pub, You Cinema or from Werni directly.

Brugglyn Blue - 52 Minutes
Recorded live in River's Pub, December 2011