Concert in Gambrinus, Rheinfelden

26 Nov 2012
Erstellt von warwick

On Saturday, 24th November, we played in the Gambrinus event restaurant in Rheinfelden. The concert was somewhat special for us, a good learning experience and a pleasant surprise. For the first time ever, we toned down and adapted our sound level to suit the locale. We felt pretty weird at the start but we soon noticed that the comfortable, intimit atmosphere in the room would have been ruined by too loud, self indulgent power shows and that the music was being received very well.

It was really inspiring and humbling to look out from our little corner at the half circle of assembled guests, obviously enjoying themselves and appreciating the music for what it is. Thanks for the great support and positive feedback.

We can highly recommend the Gambrinus, excellent food, competent friendly service in a tastefully decorated charming locale in the middle of the old town. Heartfelt, natural hospitality.

Our thanks to the promoters, the restaurant crew, Rita (our new gig-getter) and to all who came.
An unforgettable evening.