Salzhaus Brugg, Saturday 21. May

18 May 2011
Posted by warwick

On Saturday we will be playing our biggest gig yet, as support band for G O N O R E A S in the Salzhaus. Suborned - a thrash metal band from Aarau will be performing before us - we will really have to turn the heat up to follow their full powered, adrenaline fueled music and show.

The repertoire will more or less follow the first set from last week's concert in Dampfschiff - with a few of the slower numbers replaced with highlights from the second set. We were really happy with the arrangement of the songs last week, so will try to repeat the dynamic for this show. If we get time to practice it, we will be debuting a Led Zeppelin song on Saturday (come to the concert to find out which one !)

Main focus of the evening (as mentioned on Gonoreas' web site) will be the guitar. For us, this is probably nothing new, as we tend to keep the singing down to a minimum anyway.

This show will be even louder than usual. The promoter has hired a very large P.A., a lighting rig and professional crew for the event. So we won't be compromising on the volume.

We're really looking forward to the gig and feel that this show will be unique because of the venue, the new audience and the great bands we are sharing the stage with.

More info from Gonoreas :

And about Suborned :