Next gigs

13 Mar 2011
Erstellt von warwick

Friday 13th May - Dampfschiff Brugg, with Bon Voyage
Saturday 21st May - To be announced (!!!)
Friday 24th June - River's Pub Brugg

Wow - Dampfschiff - already !!!
At least the date is far enough away so we can practice like hell to live up to this honour. Thanks a lot for the break Irene, we'll do our best to blow some new life into those old boilers. The support band is a great contrast to our music, get there early so you don't miss them. Check out Bon Voyage's page on facebook, there's some excellent sample tracks on there.

A week after the Dampfschiff, we'll be supporting *the* biggest band that ever came out of this sleepy riverside country town. We can't announce the particulars yet, but we've shaken hands over the telephone and are getting ready for it. The set list for this concert will be radically different from the usual.

The Friday in June gig is on the weekend before the Jugendfest, so come out and get warmed up for the one-week-of-the-year when Brugglyn rocks. River's have put in a stage and a black backdrop downstairs, it's evolving into a great venue. We strongly urge other bands from Brugg to get in touch with Hans-Peter if you want to play somewhere locally. And they make the best "gespritzter weisse" this side of Einstein's in Aarau.