2nd gig in River's

09 Feb 2011
Erstellt von warwick

This was the concert we had to have. Some massive mistakes and some great moments where everything fell into place. And just about everything in between. Werner was on fire, Djamal was on double time and Warwick was way off key.

But still, the feedback we received was great and has convinced us to keep plugging away.

Many thanks to Angela Burrows for the guest performance, it was a blast.

And to the tireless team at River's, for keeping us well oiled, especially afterwards. We really hope that more bands from Brugg get a chance to play there, it's turning into a great venue.

Our first gig with the new P.A. - sounded a lot better from where we were. Thanks to B and J in Zofingen for the great deal.

Thanks everyone for coming and for the great support - I have been informed that there were more of you there this time -------- fantastic.

We'll be back, hope you can make it again.