brugglyn blue band members

brugglyn blue were formed when Werner Amman (g) and Djamal Moumene (dr) decided to have a semi rehearsed jam session at Billy's Pub in Brugg. Djamal's band "The Bees Knees" were booked as the main act, Werner was helping out with the equipment and suddenly came up with the idea to play as well. (probably prompted by the publican). Warwick Richard was called up a few days before the gig and presented with a CD with 6 songs on it. Rehearsals took place in the morning and they then played a 40 minute set on the 13th June 2009, with Laura Schoeneberger on vocals.
The impromptu concert seemed to go down well and the vibe was right so Werner, Djamal and Warwick (a poor substitute for Laura on vocals) continued to jam together regularly.
The trio built their reputation as a hard hitting, over loud live act in Brugg and recorded a live album - 52 Minutes - in December 2011.
Djamal left for personal reasons in Feb. 2013 and Matt Graf took over the drum stool.
Since then, Bruggyln Blue have tightened up their sound and developed into a hard hitting, no holds barred blues-rock trio with a retro sound without the cliches.

Werner Ammann


Werner has been playing guitar and bass with Swiss bands since the 60's. The list includes : Herodus, The Savage Blues Band, Johnny Copeland (for one gig), The Swiss Horns, Hoffie and the Divas, Blue Stuff, Rockola, Bo Katzman, Jaycee and many, many more. As a music teacher, he has always worked with his students to help them form bands of their own, provided equipment and guidance and generally guided them on the road to realising their talent. One example - GONOREAS. As a blues guitarist, he plays with a passion and mind blowing technique that invokes the greats from the last 50 years of guitar based blues.

Matt Graf


Matt played his first gig as a drummer in 1971, with the Harpoons. He later played with the afro rock band "Zapuara" and prog rock band "Desdemona". In the late 70s he worked as a studio drummer in the US, returning to Switzerland in the 80s. Here he played for many years in some of the well known blues rock bands of the era - Bluesfinger, Blue Stuff, The Savage Blues Band and Eddie James and the Blue Spirit. He played with Werner in the mid 90's in Blue Stuff and the two have kept in contact ever since.

Warwick Richard


Warwick has played for many years with some little known bands from Aarau - Raddix Blues Band, Who Killed Kenny, Reloaded. More recently with UNiVERSE JELLY FiSH, a prog-rock band from Wallis.