Brugglyn Blue - next concert

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30/06/2018 Maur, Greifensee ZH Muurrockt - OpenAir am Greifensee 18:00

We are a three piece blues and blues rock band, based in Brugg Switzerland. Our set list includes music by Freddie King, Rory Gallagher, Junior Wells, Roy Buchanan, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Charles Brown, Peter Green, Jeff Beck, T-Bone Walker, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Elmore James, Popa Chubby and more.
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On Saturday 25. November we are playing in the Salzhaus Brugg at 8:30 PM, supporting Dr. Feelgood.

More info here :

Tickets available at Starticket or Mueller & Spring in Brugg.

It seems that this is not the first time that a certain member of this band has had the pleasure to play with Dr. Feelgood (see photo). He must have been *very* young then ...

Mid year 2017

20 Jul 2017
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We are having a very quiet year so far, mainly because we are not looking hard enough for new gigs. We are however still practicing and still motivated and still trying new material. After the summer break, we will be back in the Wisa Bar, Lenzburg on Saturday 28. October.

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tres amigos

First gig of the year is in the Falcone, Zurich Wiedikon on Saturday 11. March.

We are recording the concert and hope to have enough material to make some new demo tapes (which we can then send around to get more gigs.)

Please come to the gig and make lots of noise !

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On Saturday 17th December we will be back in the Wisa Bar, Lenzburg for the last concert of 2016.

It has been a quiet year for us, but a good one. Thanks once again to everyone who attended our concerts in Brugg, Zurich, Baden, Lenzburg and Niederlenz.

For this last concert, we are featuring a great support band - Reloaded from Aarau. Dieter Ruf (g,v), Herbert Kuersteiner (d) and Warwick Richard (b,v). Reloaded have been around in various formats since 2006, this is the original 3 piece lineup, playing mostly own compositions and a couple of well known rock covers.

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We are playing in the Club Joy, Casino Baden on Thursday 27. October at 18:00 --- yes --- 6. P.M. Very early. We are only playing until 21:00 so try to get there before then !

More information on their website :

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Saturday 03. September we are playing in one of the bars at the Niederlenz Fäscht (near Lenzburg). We are starting early - at 5 PM, playing two to three sets finishing at 9:30 PM at the latest. More info about where it is and how to get there here :

2016 begins

31 Jan 2016
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The new year is under way, starting with a concert in a barn, Brugger Schachen during a massive storm that blew over a tree next to where we were playing (we didn't notice). Was a great party, thanks Fredy for the food and thanks to the guys from Sliks, really enjoyed your show and it was a pleasure working with you.

Friday 05. February we are back in the Falcone, Zuerich Wiedikon. With a surprise act - two ex members of a very well known Swiss Prog Rock band from the late 70s, accompanied by our very own Matt Graf.

Saturday 05. March we are back in the Dampfschiff, Brugg, supporting Master Pflaster.

Summer 2015

09 Jul 2015
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We are finally playing some live gigs after a long hiatus.

The first one in the series is at the Classroom Bar in Wetzikon Zurich (Sat. 11 July), followed a month later (Sat. 29 August) by an appearance in "al Seda", Rueti.
On Saturday 19th September we are headlining the legendary "Rock bim Jost" in Brugg - this was one of our favourite gigs last year, great party with 3 bands, food, bar in a factory hall outside town. If you missed it, do yourself a favour and mark the date in your calendar.

For details of all concerts, see the "next concerts" link above.

We are burning to play live again and looking foreward to seeing you at one or all of these gigs.

2015 - part 1

15 Apr 2015
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We are still here.

Still rehearsing.

Trying out new stuff.

Rehashing old stuff.

Patiently waiting for gigs to spring out of nowhere.

Still got the vibe.

Bear with us.

In the meantime, here are some photos of the gig in Falcone, ZH Wiedikon from February 2015. Thank you very much Mano Reichling for the photos and sound, also Ron Mortlake and Moby Arnold for the guest appearances.


21 Nov 2014
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Our last concert for this year will be in the newly re-opened Storchen Bar - Nautilus in Schoenenwerd on Saturday, 29. November, starting at around 9 PM. This is a similar venue to the (now sadly closed) Gleis 13 in Lucerne. A PA, drumkit and various bass / guitar amplifiers are installed permanently on the stage. A "plug and play" gig.

This is our last appearance for 10 weeks, we will not be playing anywhere in December or January as Warwick will be overseas.